Friday, July 17, 2009


I owe you all an explanation.

Two months ago I started this blog with the intent to deliver a more serious discussion of contemporary issues; to embrace what others might gloss over.

Things have gone well but the clear difficulty has been in generating sufficient material to sustain interest in the blog.

We (by that I mean my co-writers and I) are at a crossroads.

Um, maybe not like that (although, as the Brits used to say, "Clapton is God" and therefore serious enough to mandate a post); but we do face the decision to really run with this or to to let it fade. There will be no middle ground.

In a nutshell, this 10-day lull between posts will not persist. If all goes well, you can expect new material at least three times a week by mid-August.

On a final note, if any of you know someone who has the writing ability, philosophical grounding, and emotional detachment necessary to write material for this blog, please drop me a line at blueanchorblog(at)

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